leah's ebay finds: barclay butera trailer


Classic Airstream trailers have hip quotient to spare, but rarely could they be described as luxe. Then again, very few of the silver palaces have been pimped and fluffed by a top interior designer.

Reimagined as a “hip lounge” on wheels by Barclay Butera, this 19-foot Airstream Bambi International currently up for auction on eBay sleeps three and includes leather banquettes, leopard-print carpeting, Greek-key bed linens, jaunty black-and-white striped window treatments and exterior canopy, a multi-disc DVD/CD changer, and a flatscreen TV — perfect for making your next road trip decidely more glam than grit.

Used as a “green room” during the 2006 Sundance Film Festival, the tricked-out trailer has celebrity cache, too — after all, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Aniston, and Ryan Gosling’s buns may well have warmed those plush banquette seats. Plus, if you’re the winning bidder, you can pick up your prize at an Elle Decor-hosted gala in Los Angeles on October 25.

Even better, 100 percent of the auction proceeds will benefit the Children’s Action Network, a charitable organization that works to improve outcomes for kids in foster care. Click here to see the auction on eBay. Current bid: $25,000. (And no, the cute designer himself is not included.) — Leah H.

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Just a quick update: The sellers have re-listed this item and lowered the starting bid to $15,000. Here’s the new link:


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It’s great, did anyone buy it? How Much?