mr coffee comes of age and is lookin' good


Everyone owns a Mr. Coffee coffeemaker at some point in their life. They’re small, compact and get the job done without busting the bank. But this new edition, released in honor of the well-named machine’s 35th Anniversary, may appeal to not just the practical, but design nuts too. It’s create by the design company, Altitude , and has a subtle 1970’s vibe. We also like that it’s brown, as opposed to black or white, the standard kitchen appliance colors. If you’re in the market for a new coffeemaker this year, Mr. Coffee may just be your man. Click here to see at, $75.

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I don’t know about you, but for an European this “Coffeemakers” are the worst machines you can get.
There are several design flaws in it, which will prevent getting you real good coffe, but the worst thing is the glass can.
Because of the glass can, the coffee is getting cold instantly. Because of this, the can is heated from beneath the can. Because of this the Coffee is getting bitter (of Course only if you use more than two or three coffeebeans per litre)…
So please, please buy coffee machines like this:
It looks better, the coffee tastes better and the coffee wan’t get cold… Think about it: Warm coffee the whole morning ;-)