post off: what's your dream kitchen fantasy?


As I mentioned in an earlier post I had a wonderful weekend of cooking in what may well have been my dream kitchen. I was visiting my boyfriend’s family in Wisconsin for the first time over Labor day and had the pleasure of cooking in his mother’s perfectly designed space. As I told her how much I loved it she piped in about a few things she would do differently if she could redesign once again. I guess when you live in it and cook in it on a daily basis there is always something you’d want to change — for me, it was just perfect. A few of the highlights: the prep space faced big floor to ceiling windows overlooking beautiful Lake Buttes des Morts.

The kitchen boasted two sinks (one double basin and one smaller bar sink). The deep cabinets housed dividers for vertical storage of baking sheets, cooling racks and the like. The under counter cabinets all had pull out drawers (no climbing inside to find the spices!) I could go on all day. But, I think my favorite design element in the whole space was the comfy leather couch just off to the side. That’s right, I said a couch in the kitchen. It’s the perfect place to relax and page through cookbooks, to hang out and talk to the chef du jour, or to simply just sit and admire the beautifully designed space!

If you could create your dream kitchen today what would be your top-of-the-list, must-have design element? Looking for inspiration? Check out this House & Garden gallery where this image is from. — Erica P.

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I ripped out a Williams Sonoma advertisement from Elle Decor (I think…) a few years ago. It has big wooden counters, beadboard, the cabinets are painted a water’d down blue and everything looks very “french”. There’s also a hunky guy with glasses rolling out dough. I have it tacked up on my corkboard. I tell my Fiance that this man in the picture is my 2nd husband in my dream kitchen. I’m mean!! LOL

A hydraulic lift for my mixer.

ellobie in Chicago

I have been yearning for a kitchen large enough to house a couch (or even just a loveseat!) for years. I like having the kitchen separated a bit more than the very popular super-open kitchen/great room/dining room floor plans. But it is nice to have room in the kitchen for people to sit around while I’m cooking. In the meantime, I’m settling for one comfy chair. :)

Other than that, I’m not too picky.


The storage options of that kitchen sound wonderful! Oh, how I’d love to have pull-out drawers in the cabinets. And even a special place for sheet pans and cooling racks! Swoon! But no stainless steel, please. It’s so ubiquitous. I’m sick to death of looking at it on every decorating show and in every magazine. UGH.

I’m thinking of changing our breakfast nook into a cozy sitting area. We never eat there (we tend to eat in the dining room or while watching TV in the living room) and it has the prettiest view of any room in the house.


A fish tank on top of a kitchen island.


A double oven, and a cooktop that faces out to the dining room/living room, so that I can cook and entertain and talk to people at the same time. I love people in the kitchen and mine now is so small, it’s positively just a nook. Yet people still crowd in to drink wine and help out as much as possible. I would also really like a silent dish washer and cool pendant lights.

A personal chef.