a new way to hide the litterbox: kitty washroom


Kitty furniture is one of our favorite things at Shelterrific, and we’ve written about a few pieces of mod cat trees before. But this clever piece at SkyMall, $100, is pretty damn ingenious. We love that it’s not modern or frumpy, but has a pleasant cottage feel, and comes with a bit of storage on top and a towel rack. Something tells the sophisticated feline in your life will like it to. (Via outblush).

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Oh my gosh I LOVE IT!! Thank you so much! I would order it immediately but I need to measure my litter nook first. Sigh.

Cute…but I have to clean our litter box daily (CRF kitty…) so pulling it out and putting it back in would become a big pain in the rumpus. Also, wouldn’t the wood start to absorb the ammonia from the urine?


This IS attractive. I’ve seen some other furniture with the same idea, but it was so hideous looking I couldn’t bear to purchase it. The general appearance of the other ones I’ve seen is cheap office furniture with a grim 1970s plastic laminate feel.

This is nice!


I Love Upstate: The wood is enamelled, so is protected. The hinged door only holds the kitty little box you have, so opening it should be no major daily exertion (you have to pick up yours anyway, right?). I can’t wait to buy this.


Go to the SkyMall link; there’s a picture of the hinged door opened to reveal the hidden litter pan. How easy could this get?

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