on the table: flowers, fabric and more


A few more details from the wedding, that could be of use — whether you’re getting married or just wanting to add some color to your dining table.

For the flowers, we gathered local zinnias and sunflowers from a cutting garden (VERY affordable!), put them in mason jars and then had them placed inside of birch tubes from Small Stump. I got the idea a few weeks ago from oh joy, and loved them. The next day we divided them up around a few friends — they’ll make beautiful containers all year long.

I finished them off with an orange ribbon that matched the Denise Schmidt fabric squares we placed on top of each table. You may remember there was a big a debate about what table linens to use. I ended up opting for simple cream cloths, and then I made squares for each one of this Geranium plaid. My very crafty sister-in-law (can’t believe I have one of those now!) scooped up all the fabric afterwards. I can’t wait to see what she makes with it!

Finally, we used little wooden birdhouses from Michaels as the table numbers. We painted them white and then stenciled on the numbers. Honestly, our wedding was so small (40 people) we didn’t really need to worry about numbering the tables and having seating cards. People mostly found their spots (and shakers!) without any guidance.

From our partners

I remember the debate, but I don’t remember seeing the pattern of the table cloths as one of the choices. Was this a last minute switch?

Angela M.

Ah, you remember correctly. It was a pattern I had always liked, but had ruled it out cause I thought it’d be too difficult to make my own table cloths (it’s quilting fabric and the bolts only are 43″ wide). Then I figured out that we could just use them as squares on top of traditional floor-length cloths… I was able to get my cake (or pie!) and cute table covers too!

Gorgeous! Love the use of birch.

Looks beautiful! And congratulations of course!

It looks baeutiful!

I love the look — totally cute!

I bought the birch tubes from Small Stump last June. It is fun to see how other people used them to create unique tabletops. I spotlighted yours on my weekly mood board.

Lovely arrangement!! it looks simply super.

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Oh that looks spectacular! Table decoration is my weakness but I just have to try to make these. Thanks for the tip.