our wedding favors? vintage salt & pepper shakers!


Well, we’re still coming down from the high of our wonderful, fun, friend and love-filled weekend. I can’t believe it’s all over! I did cry — and not just once — but I certainly wasn’t the only one with a wet eye.

Here’s a quick post on one idea that I’m particularly proud of that you’re welcome to steal: We gave each guest a unique set of vintage salt -n- pepper shakers. I started off buying a few in some local thrift stores, but then lucked out when I spotted a whole lot of them on eBay. I was able to buy 30 from one seller and it ended up being really economical. The fun part was matching the set to the guest, and having them waiting at each table when dinner began. Shown here is a pair of kissing Indians that Chad & I set aside for ourselves, and two musical pigs for our friend Adam Snyder, who along with another talented friend, Anthony Cochran, blew everyone away with the beautiful songs they sang for us. Definitely check out eBay if you ever want to try this idea for yourself! — Angela M.

(More wedding details coming soon… No, I’m not blogging from the honeymoon — that’s a couple weeks away!)

From our partners

What a wonderful idea. I love it. It also goes well with the barn.
Cory Ann

what a fabulous & unique idea!


congrats, angela! and thanks for sharing this fantastic idea – which i may need to steal for a future dinner party (since i’m not planning on any more weddings!). looking forward to reading more about your ceremony/reception.


That’s wonderful — and will ensure a “spicy” relationship till your hair goes salt-n-pepper!

Congratulations and wishing you loads of love, joy and freedom in your marriage.



….. even when things get shaky!


I think the salt and pepper shakers were a great idea! Especially because everyone had different ones. Ours are on our fireplace mantel right now.

ellobie in Chicago

Angela, are you here all week? :D

Angela M.

I am! Honeymoon’s not till Oct 10th!

Angela M.

I am! Honeymoon’s not till Oct 10th!

Mary T

Congratulations Angela! More photos, please! : )

weddings bring out the best idea in people. this idea is one of the best i’ve seen.

congrats! my hubby is named chad too! Chad’s rule.

I love this idea! I already own more salt and pepper shakers than a normal person ought to (I find cute matching pairs of anything are tough to resist) so I might just have to steal this wonderful idea when my turn comes..!


We were there — and we LOVED the salt and pepper shakers. Angela had picked out a little Amish couple for my husband, who always wears overalls like the pepper man, and we got bunnies and cows and shiny girls. The kids loved them, too. And, now, every time we see them we think of Changela, and the wedding, and marvel at how creative they were. And, yes, Angela cried buckets — but I think Chad had some teary moments, too. Go, Angela!

The vintage s&p shakers are such a great idea – so personal and fit in with your other decor/setting so well. Can’t wait to see more pictures!

I love when couples think outside of the box and make their own rules. Congrats!

p.s. Changela – that’s brilliant!