clever reader idea: doggy stop stitch screen


After my dog ran through our new screen door I came up with a nifty way to make the screen more visible to him and thought I would share — see attached photos. I simply embroidered on the screen, just as I would on fabric, right at his eye level. It was actually harder than I anticipated to photograph, so sorry the pics aren’t the greatest. Feel free to steal or post this idea at will. I’m not a blogger or craft biz person, just a design and craft blog junkie. — Tracy E., Yorba Linda, CA

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That is hysterical! We have the ugliest front and side door, but I think they’d be way more pleasant and inviting if I embroidered ‘Welcome’ or ‘Come In’ on them :)

THAT is hysterical!!

Mary T

Awww, poor boo-boo! I hope I’m not the only one who feels sorry for him! That is really cute, though.

Thats really great. What happens when you get rid of the dog? I love the site and the unique ideas for my home.

That is so cute! Now, if we could just figure out how to keep doggie nose prints off the glass during the colder months!

LOL. That picture made my day.

PERFECT! This is amusing, clever, and well-designed. I love it!


Brilliant! I have a dog BUT don’t have a screen door in this town house…think I’ll “whip” right out and buy a screen door, just so I can embroidery on it!