help! i'm looking for a lightweight sewing machine

I am looking for a very basic lightweight sewing machine. I don’t need many fancy stitches, but I do need one that will easily sew layers of denim. I recycle old jeans! Do you have a not-too-expensive suggestion? — Peggy N., Columbus, OH.

Hi Peggy! Thanks for writing. We covered this very subject back in April with this post. At the time, the machine that garnered the most recommendations was the Kenmore Mini Ultra Light. It’s only $90 and does stitch denim. But there was some debate — some swore by Singer, while others love a Brother (this one is cute and recommended). This one, from Huskystar, also has fans and is very cute (and not pink). Does anyone else have a sewing machine they’d swear by for Peggy? Let her know!

P.S. Peggy, send us photos of your recycled jeans handiwork! We’d love to see.

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