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I know it’s not the season to be thinking about sea-themed decor, but I wanted to share this one clever idea I spotted during our stay in Tulum, Mexico last week. We were staying at the lovely Ana y Jose resort, a laid back yet well-appointed nook on a long beach of thatched-roofed getaways. Our room featured a great walk-in shower stall that had a sea shell as the shower head. It looked simple enough, like they just drilled in a bunch of holes and stuck it up on the pipe. If you don’t live near a beach where you can comb through the sand for your own, there’s plenty to be found online at sites like this. It’d be great for an outdoor shower at a weekend house, don’t you think? — Angela M.

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Mary T

Looks really cute — how was the water pressure?


How was Tulum? Any recommendations? My boyfriend and I are headed there next month, staying further south down the beach.

Angela M.

The water pressure was great — but I think that was because of the plumbing at the resort, not the shell…. and Ksquared, lucky you! I wis we were going back. Where are you staying? I recommend eating at La Posada Margherita and Zamas (everything’s on the same road there). If you can, go to the biosphere preserve and rent a kayak. It’s beautiful and crowd-free.


Oooh, that’s sounds really nice. We’re booked for 3 nights at La Zebra for now (that’s all the nights they had) and are trying to decide where to stay after that. We may head west to Chichen Itza for a day or two or possibly go south towards Punta Allen. Or maybe just stay at another hotel in Tulum. I can’t make up my mind!

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