easy idea from cookie mag: recipe graffiti


We spotted this delightful idea over at Cookie magazine’s Nesting blog: A recipe mural for the inside of your cupboards. No need to get out your paintbrushes or hire an artist; the editors there recommended a site called Wonderful Graffiti, a great resource that does all sorts of easy-to-apply wall topography. You can choose from their selection fonts, or design your own to get a look like this. The tough decision? Which recipe should be immortalized. On ours, no question, it’d be the best chocolate chip cookie recipe, ever.

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I was just thinking of doing something like this. I was thinking of putting up some cork board inside. I think I saw this in a issue of ReadyMade recently. A great idea!


wow, thanks for this post…I’m not really interested in ripping out the ugly dark cabinets in our 70s kitchen right now so this idea is VERY intriguing. maybe I’ll just slap those recipes on the EXTERIOR of our cabinets. now wouldn’t that be something??

Thanks for the twofer! I love this cute idea (I’m an avid chef) and got a great cookie recipe bonus! I’m off to try out the cookie recipe.