why we really need an eames rocker


The other day, I mentioned how excited I was by Design*Sponge’s Eames rocker giveaway. What I didn’t tell you is why our home is more in need of a rocker than ever before: We’re expecting a baby! I feel a little guilty having kept it from you all these months (I’m at number six now!) but with so much happening in our lives, I didn’t want to bombard the blog with Angela-and-Chad news. But yes, it’s true — a wonderful, joyous surprise! We know it’s a girl and she’s due in February. In the next couple of months, you’ll probaby be asked for more opinions and advice, as we try to figure out how to squeeze her into our small one-bedroom apartment. Everytime I get stressed about space, I think of Maxwell and Sara Kate’s 265 square foot pad over at Apartment Therapy and calm down instantly. So there you have it! Why we feel an Eames rocker would really rock in this little bit of blank space we have in our living room. Click here to check out all the entries to Design*Sponge’s contest — they’re all so amazing and cute and well designed I can hardly stand it! And, if you feel so inclined to vote for my room, I say thank you thank thank you! — Angela M.

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WOW – huge congrats!! That’s such wonderful news.

I recently became a first-time aunt to a darling baby niece and can say with confidence that you are in for the most amazing experience.


Mary T

Awww! Congrats!


and I just voted for you, too!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sooooo exciting!!!


ohmigosh! CONGRATS!!!!!

You so deserve that rocker. I’m going to go vote right now.


I am so happy for you! Don’t worry about the small apartment. It will be a hassle for the clutter, probably. But when your wee one gets mobile, it is easier to watch him while you get things done in various rooms of the house!

House, Baby & Wedding. Dang, and I thought I could multi-task!



Oh, congrats! That is so exciting! My husband and I are also expecting a girl in February, so I am sending extra good vibes your way. :)

congratulations lucky mama!
i’ll vote for you :)
we had our baby daughter in a 400 square foot apt. for 2 years.
the baby can sleep with you, then get out of the house several times a day for walks morning, afternoon + evening :)

enter my giveaways too


I am a February girl myself, and know how awesome aquarius babies are! Congratulations, what wonderful news.


I voted for you, but I can’t imagine, why anyone would want such an uncomfortable chair?

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