have you built a modern shed?


When we moved from Cincinnati to Seattle, we traded the Ohio River for Puget Sound and countless lakes, mountains, streams and trees. About the only thing we’re missing out on is housing square footage — prices are so much higher here, we’re going from a 2,500-square foot house to what’s likely to be around 1,000 including a basement, if we’re lucky. But, hey — we figure it will finally give us a reason to build the Readymade MD100 shed that we’ve had the plans for since 2005. (Great studio for my husband’s resin work? Amazing guest room? So many possibilities!) Have any of you built an MD100 or any shed of which you’re particularly proud? Tell us about it! Meanwhile, these fabulous shed posts from Materialicious, MoCo Loco and Land+Living might inspire you. — Mary T.

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I would LOVE to do this but I fear that it will make the town assessor see major dollar signs in his eyes and my taxes will tumble north.


As soon as I have a back yard, I will do it! Won’t fit on my condo balcony, unfortunately.

here in Minnesota we build sheds (Shanties) to place on the ice of frozen lakes for fishing. we also have something called http://www.artshantyprojects.org which consists of about 65 artists all building and programming Art Shanties for 5 weeks on Medicine Lake in suburban Minneapolis. the ice is essentially free, temporary land.

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I built my shed for $6,000 including electrical, cable, phone, complete interior and office furniture.

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ReadyMade isn’t selling the plans for this on their website any more for some wacky reason but some kind soul posted them up on the net…



Rick Byrnes

Did you ever build the shed? I’m craving one bigtime & wanted to go to skool on yours! :-)

Here is a link to some modern shed designs and plans.
Hope it helps!