help! we’re looking for a stylish plunger

I live in a 100+ year old house. There are a ton of things that need fixing or updating. The bathrooms right now are the worst. Even though I don’t like the reality of having to keep a plunger next to the toilet, I do. I am wondering if you know of any stylish plungers that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to have sitting out. Preferably one that could somehow catch the drips after it was used. I know this is a yucky topic, but can this bathroom necessity be stylish as well? — Amy J., Madison, WI


Hi Amy! This may be a “yucky” topic, but it’s a common one we can all relate to. In fact, we answered a similar question last year in this post. At that time, we were pretty tickled by a spiffy fake plant plunger, called Toilet Trees, but that company seems to have disappeared. Luckily, there are still a few stylish options available, the chic-est of which is Johnny The Diver plunger by Alessiat unicahome, $40. The bright colors are certainly a switch to the traditional! OXO’s Good Grips model comes wtih a canister to catch those drips, at, $20. And Simple Human version,, $25, is certainly sleek. Does anyone else have plunger suggestions for Amy? Let us know!

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I have the OXO one, it’s nice because it’s covered, but you never have to touch the cover to open or close it. Another great design from oxo.

That’s funny, I was just thinking how atrocious my bathroom plunger and brush situation looked.


Please instead consider investing the money towards a new toilet. For under 200 you can leave that ugly plunger in the basement and have a longer term solution.


Here’s a different approach, HYD-It

You need a wall to break into, but then there’s little cubby for plunger & cleaner.