got an old appliance? enter this contest


Are you overdue for a new washing machine? Has your dishwasher seen better decades? Does have its own 19th Century measurements for temperature? AP Wagner is hosting a contest that could be worth your while. The prizes are good — Whirlpool, GE and Electrolux goods. To enter, you must submit a two minute video of you and your ancient appliance. A few videos are uploaded already, and they’re quite funny. Check them out here. Or if you’re digging the vintage stove in the photo above, skip the contest and look at, a site dedicated to restoring old models like new. They’re gorgeous!

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Mary T

I love that stove. We bought a stove like that for our old house from a friend. Definitely pays to have them restored. In our case, we ended up selling it because we didn’t want to pay to have it better insulated, and those doors can get super-hot (they did on ours) and I have the burn scar to prove it.


hmm, maybe I should submit my crummy avocado green dryer. into the contest! (I was hoping it was a “crummiest appliance contest!” because someone who has a totally cool old stove probably doesn’t want or need a brand new stove!)

This is actually my parents stove:

They bought it on ebay and had it restored by the guy who runs the site. The restoration took more than 2 years and as you can see the results are pretty flawless. You should see it in person!

The guy did a great job but customer service really was ……


The fellow running is being sued by dozens of clients for theft and fraud. See:

For anyone interested in refurbishing or purchasing a vintage or antique model — seek a more reputable vendor!