post off: do you believe in haunted houses?


Happy Halloween fellow homemakers! Here’s a post off themed for the day. Do you believe in haunted houses? Lots of us live in old places that we are happily restoring and modernizing. Without fail, they make sqeaks and creeks in the middle of the night that can send chills down our backs. But have you ever seen in anything in your home, or another, that made you think, “huh, that was very ghost-like!” They say that objects, as well as houses can contain spirits from the previous owners, but luckily nothing we’ve ever bought from a flea market has had that kind of baggage. Don’t have a ghost in your house but are looking for some Halloween chills? Check out the Haunted Places website. There could be an historically possessed place near you worthy of a roadtrip. Above, the Sorrel Weed House in Savannah (no visit to Savannah is complete without a haunted tour). So, before you dress up and troll the neighborhood for tricks and treats, tell us: Have you ever been in a haunted house?

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I grew up in San Jose, Ca and I have been to the Winchester Mystery house on several occasions. The story goes that a medium told her that she had to move from Boston to California and keep building a house to keep the spirits away. It’s suppossed to be haunted by Sarah Winchester and the spirits of those who were killed by the winchester rifle. I’ve also been to Alcatraz but I didn’t see any ghosts. However, the parts of it have been sealed off due to safety issues.

Ok, it’s not our house yet, and it (probably) isn’t a real ghost, but it’s a funny story.

When our realtor came to show us the house, there was a girl standing in the yard. She talked about how she lived next door, and her father mowed the lawn… then she said “I don’t want anyone to move in here. It’s where I play. I’d rather it burn down than someone move in here”

My husband’s response: “Well, I just hope the neighbors actually have a little girl!”

The area where Angela & Chad bought their home is considered to be amongst *the* most haunted in New York State.

laura k

I am in the process of buying a house upstate with a cemetery on the property. The house is 150 years old and the cemetery is old and the graves are the farmers who lived on the property.
My question is, is this too creepy for most people?

Angela M.

Laura K…. that sounds amazing! It’s is a little creepy, but could also be quite sweet. What heritage! Just don’t watch The Others!

Sounds like I may need to a little reseplace on our property in Catskill, but so far, no poltergeists!

laura k

the house is in East Durham, not far from you.


Nope, I’ve never been in one…I dont think. I do want to see a ghost or some kinda spirit thingy someday. I’ve been looking at Haunted houses all over the Internet this week. And I found this real estate site about haunted houses pretty good list if anyone likes ghost stories check it out,

Mary T

Coolness! And for the record we thought our previous house was haunted, but it was a very benign haunting, so we were okay with it.


I lived in a haunted house when I was a kid… and MET the ghost. She told me her name, which was an African name not common to 5 year olds in Denver. I told my dad, who worked at the Denver Post and looked up the history of our house and that particular name. Turns out a woman with that name lived in our house before us, but was murdered in the mountains about 3 months before we moved in….


in response to Laura K :

No, it’s not creepy…I suppose it could be to most people being that it does house bodies, but I’d be more nervous of an old home than a cemetery. I grew up right next door to a cemetery and honestly felt at peace with it.

I’m not sure what your religious beliefs are, but cemeteries are blessed; It could just be my personal belief, but I don’t get why a ghost would even haunt a graveyard…it would make far more sense that they would be attached to a building or thing than a graveyard.