our first piece of baby decor: dwellbaby crib set


The transformation of our bedroom into a nursery/bedroom has begun. After some purging and reorganizing, Chad moved the bed around last night, and I have to say it looks great — bigger than I thought it would. Though we’ve yet to purchase one piece of baby furniture (and one piece is probably all we’ll buy), I do have one purchase to brag about. A few weeks ago, I snuck out of my midtown office and trucked down to SoHo to hit a Dwell bedding sample sale. I’ve gushed about how much I love their textiles for kids before, but man, are they pricey! At the sample sale, I managed to score a Forest crib set. On the site, it’s a whopping $456, but at the sale it was only (only?!) $150. Hooray! What I really love about it is that it’s only slightly girly, a dusty rose mixed with neutral browns. It will go well with our cool, fern green walls. Next step: Finding the perfect crib for less than $300. I have faith! — Angela M.

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I recently went to Country Swedish at the D&D in NYC and they had the cutest kids fabvrics. I wanted to get them for myself. You should look at them. http://www.countryswedish.com/


Don’t discount garage sales for cribs. You just need to make sure that the thing is safe in terms of the space between the slats, mattress & walls, etc.

Do you have a Mothers of Twins club in your area? I got some good pieces years ago from MOT members who were trying to off-load double everything, once their babies were older.


I live in LA and had heard about the sale from a number of baby/decor blogs. I was completely bummed that it was only in New York. Fortunately for me, an awesome friend was going to visit her family in Manhattan and do some shopping in SOHO. She totally came through for me, buying not only the forest bedding for my daughter’s crib (I could never have afforded it full price), but also the twin alphabet set for my son. Dwell sent her to a FedEx around the block and the sheets are now on beds on the west coast.

I wasn’t very excited by the comforter (the linen was really stiff) and infants so rarely use them. So I carefully took it apart and I’m making the dot side into a sheet saver and I’ll probably use the linen for a pillow to put in the Eames rocker I bought with my savings.

Sample sales!! I miss NY! Congrats on a great deal :)


I love the pattern. When I was pregnant I used to salivate over Dwell Baby stuff. Sadly, I never bought from them.

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