before it’s too late! check out house & garden’s ebay guide


We were thoroughly saddened by the news that House & Garden magazine was closing down shop this week. The demise of smart magazines tug at our heart-strings like nobody’s business. But we’d like to take a moment to say how much we’ve been digging — from Design*Sponge’s blog posts to their designers directory to the over-the-top photo galleries of homes we love talking about (yes, that’s means yours, Gwyneth) — it’s a great resource that we will miss. We’re not sure how much longer the switch will be on at that URL so, don’t wait to go and check things out. Especially the new eBay User’s Guide that’s up now. By Molly Symmonds, it gives great step-by-step guidelines on how to decorate your whole house, or just find one treasure. She gives you bookmark and seplace term suggestions. Print and save this one!

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It’s sad I just rediscovered this magazine recently. I really like the direction they were going in. Lots of stylish home and practical gardening advice.

I printed to PDF (no paper!). Thanks for the reminder.

Allison R

House & Garden…what a legend. It’s like losing John Wayne all over again. It makes me feel like good taste is dead. Most magazines ask you to check your brain at the door as my uncle said tonight at dinner. Don’t mind me. I’m a little extra sore being that I was the newest member of the HG staff as some of you know. Chuck Townsend of Conde Nast should eat a big plate of failure pie. Who let’s a flagship legend fall by the wayside? Where is the respect? Oh yeah it’s about money, I always forget… Anyway, that staff was off the chart talented. Off the chart!

I never knew. What a shame.