strangely appealing: crocodile lamp


We’ve heard of crocodile shoes, and crocodile bags, but we’re not sure how fashionable this Cipola Pewter Crocodile Lamp is at More than a couple of feet long, he’s sure to spark a lively conversation in any room he sits, though the double-tiered shade ensures a soft glow. He’s also $2,500: Can you imagine the pad that would be place him on a table? We’d love a tour! But even if he were $25, would give this croc a spot in your home?

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if he were $25 yes! i think he’s rather cute!

Maybe for 10 dollars. I have a similar Elephant lamp I got for 5.00 bucks it’s not pewter ofcourse but I love it all the same.

I live in Florida so I thnk this would be a fun accent. I love pewter and I LOVE Vivre!

I’m down with the croc

If he were $25, yes. I wouldn’t pay $2500 for any lamp.


can’t you buy a REAL crocodile for 2,500?


My husband says only if we lived in auz or FL not sure where he cam up with that one?? But for 25 buck oh yeah he would be in my libraray and I would call him Larry short for Lewrance.


We got a vintage (Antique?) bronze crocodile from Africa (Benin?) at a Unicef-type auction maybe 10 years ago. He is about 19 and a half inches long and has a great patina. He’s been on our hearth ever since we got him. I could start a theme with this pewter guy.