strangely appealing: road test chair


We spotted this odd recycled chair last week on Casa Sugar and thought we’d get you’re take on it. You’ll find it at for $3700. They’re made by Artisan John Carter out of genuine New York Walk/Don’t Work signs that actually work. You have to admit, it’s pretty inventive — but probably belongs in some sort of theme restaurant, not a home. What do you think?

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These chairs work?! Wouldn’t they get too hot?


I could see it in a teenager’s room… or in a funky home office. But I’m not tempted by it personally. It looks uncomfortable.


I don’t know how I missed this entry… I think this is a really cool idea when you see it is all done. It’s probably not going to be an office chair, or a dining chair. On the level that you might buy a chair just to look at it, it is art. If it is in your living room and you are having a party, someone might sit on it, because it functions, correct? The rest of the time it is pretty much an art installation. I can imagine it in a design with a lot of other minimalism to be a focal point, and I can imagine it in a design with way too much other “kooky” stuff going on. I would set this in a category with the crocodile lamp a few posts back: it is either the center of attention or it is among a purposely cluttered eclectic and daring interior. I have to add, I think Mr. Rogers would have liked it also, as a companion piece to his traffic light, and Trolley would concur.

Richard Parker

I have seen this & sat on it. first it is not hot to sit on. Second, it is a LOT cooler in person then in the photo.

If I could afford it, I would have bought it.