what’s the verdict on ikea’s litter boxes?


Just the other day I was lamenting about the lack of well-designed litter boxes and lo and behold, I find one at Ikea’s site. This green molded plastic tray is only $5, and to me looks prefect for our country house (where our city cat has yet to go). I’m not sure if it’s one piece or two, or the size, but I’ll let you know. We’re doing an Ikea stop later tonight to pick up a few things. In the meantime, if you’ve seen or used please let us know what you think! — Angela M.

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Well, I like the tall sides, with the slight inward curve. Not just because it looks nice, but because the design might have a shot at keeping the litter from flying out.


I have this, it’s about the size of a regular litter box, and it comes apart into 2 pieces for easy cleaning. It’s okay, it’s better than the one I had before, but the cats still fling litter everywhere!!!

Sara Bee!

One of my close friends has three cats in her two bedroom apartment & she uses the Booda Dome litter boxes: http://www.amazon.com/Booda-Clean-Step-Litter-Box/dp/B0002DH8L4

They are not as cute [or as cheap!] as the Ikea ones, but they do a great job with odor and have a nice design to them so they fit well in almost any area; she keeps hers between the toilet & cabinet in the bathroom. The design of the Booda will rid your kitty’s paws of the litter, which is much nicer than having it stick to your bare feet!

I just wish they made more colors though. :[
At least Ikea makes the green shade. :]

I just think the best litter boxes need to have a cover. I don’t care how pretty it is it’s useless if litter ends up all over the place.

It’s nice, much better looking than the one our cats use but I’m with Kristi, litter trays with lids are the best. Our girls like to dig and fling the litter about and without a lid we’d be knee deep in the stuff.


just a comment that i have one of those round boodha dome litterboxes. not only does the lid keep litter from flying everywhere when my cats are scratching around, but i purposely position the entrance to the litterbox towards a wall, corner, or the opposite direction of the doorway. since the litterbox is round, i can position the entrance anywhere (i.e., some remote corner my cats walk into, versus straight out of the litterbox.) i’ve noticed a lot less litter being tracked out of the litterbox room onto my hardwoods!

Angela M.

btw — we decided to NOT buy this litter box. It comes in two pieces, which when we tried to snap together in the store, seemed nearly impossible. It’s really flimsy and I bet we’d be ready to chuck after the first cleaning (or strong kick!)>

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I cannot believe I’m writing this yet again… I feel like I’m beating a dead horse, but had so much litter box trouble with my cats once…

If you have two cats, you probably should not get a hooded box, especially if they have troublesome relationships at all. I have a male and female that get along okay, but one is always trying to get the upper hand. Cats feel very threatened when they can’t see around their boxes, and might stop using those with domes because they feel vulnerable. Also, they tend to trap in odors, and if they smell too much, even if the box is “clean” to you, they might start to avoid the box in that situation as well.

Just a little unsolicited advice I hope is helpful :) Sometimes it’s just easier to live with the ugly situation.

Mary T.

This is when having a basement is a huge plus.


If you have 2 cats who fight at the litter box then you need to get 2 litter boxes. Simple as that. As for everyone else – a box with a lid is best and remember scoop the litter EVERYDAY.

Um, Jean, I actually have 3 boxes. I’m just citing my own experience, and the advice of at least two veterinarians that cats really don’t want covered boxes.

i had the Booda Dome, without the stairs, and it REALLY kept in the odors and the litter. i placed a natural, woven, door mat outside the exit and it picked up most of the litter stuck to their feet. we then moved across the country and i got rid of it before the move. bad idea. i picked up your standard rectangle box and wow – i can’t believe how those two little girls throw the litter so far! i even heard one scratching on the floor, like she was digging in the litter outside the box! time for a new Booda Dome!!!


Here is another covered box, which actually made me laugh. It’s not exactly stylish in appearance… it’s as if someone took a large plastic tote box and lid and cut a hole in the top of the lid.

But I think it would certainly be quite difficult for the cat to track litter out… although I also wonder if the cat might avoid the box because it’s difficult to enter and exit.



We bought this littler box a couple of months ago. It looks nice and is easy to clean but the litter still gets everywhere. We have to sweep the area at least once a day. Oh well….


I recommend the high sided Rubbermaid litterboxes. I have 3 of them for my two cats.

I went through a period of time where I had a cat who would pee over the edge of her box if she could, or if the litter box had a horizonal seam (where a lid would attach), she’d manage to pee down the wall, and the pee would come out of the seams and on to the floor.

The Rubbermaid box that I got at Petsmart solved all of that.


i have used a plastic storage bin for many years as a litter box.
you can choose which size is best for your situation/location (ie size of cat, high sides, low sides, number of cats etc) and having a lid to transport the litter box can really come in handy sometimes! My Best Friend is a vet, and she does not promote covered boxes or even scented litters…daily maintenance seems to be the only solution! eeps. time to go scoop… btw, the ikea box looks nice, but i dont think its big enough for the two monster kitties that have me. why hasnt ikea come out with a line of attractive cat boxes that are innovative and more sculptural/furniture-y? its been driving me nuts for years.

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