look! our wedding tablecloths became a fab quilt

(Thanks to my extremely talented and productive sister-in-law, Cassie.)



You may recall that I had a bit of a hard time deciding on a fabric for our wedding tablecloths. After much debate (and help from you!) I settled on orange, red, brown and cream Denyse Schmidt’s Geranium plaid. It was a quilting fabric, an artform I truly admire and don’t understand at all!

When our wedding was over, Chad’s sister Cassie quietly snatched up all the table squares and said only she wanted to make something with them. I’ve seen her quilting handiwork before and secretly hoped that was what she was up to and — oh joy! — it was! Visiting for Thanksgiving last week, we were delighted and surprised to find a big square box under the tree for us. Though she intended it as Christmas gift, she furiously worked to speed up the project so we could take it home with us after T-Day. And, after the first-snow fall at our river cottage this weekend — I can say it wasn’t a moment too soon! The pattern and the colors are just perfect — she found some matching fabrics and actually worked to repeat the plaid on larger scale. On the other side is a warm and fuzzy orange layer — so snuggly. I can’t tell you how much we love and appreciate it. If you’re inspired to try such a project yourself — here are a few sites that Cassie recommends (and may the quilting force be with you!) — Angela M.

Sites that offer instructions for this block style quilt:
About.com’s easy baby quilt
Straw.com’s blue jeans quilt
scrapquilts.com quilt block pattern
easyt-shirtquilt.com’s memory quilt

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That is an incredibly thoughtful gift. Hurray for the SIL!

You are very lucky.

Beth J

That is amazing and so beautiful. What a great gift!

that is gorgeous! I love it. Such a cool and thoughtful memento of your wedding!


I’m glad you guys like it. I wanted it to be a nice reminder of your beautiful wedding day.



hurray! this is so wonderful!!

i’m also using colorful squares on my tables with the hope of making a quilt afterwards! now, i feel less unique, BUT i’m so glad to see your finished product!!! it gives me hope!

your fabric choice was wonderful! and your SIL did an awesome job!

so would the gift giver be glad or sad?

Oh wow! This is by far one of the best bedroom designs I have ever seen. You say that quilt is hand made that makes it even better. I just love the orange tell your sister in law that she did a wonderful job and should definently make more possibly to sell! I know one thing, that I would be first in line if she were to decide to sell!

Wow! What a special way to remember your big day – and the quilt is absolutely gorgeous!