gift giving guide: leah's wish list (part 2)

Contributor Leah H. had so many things on her wish list, we had to break it into two. Here’s the second half. Click here to see round one, and remember, you can always see more great finds at her blog More Ways To Waste Time

Bento Boxes, $38 each from Plastica. Because using one of these is just so much cooler than packing your lunch in leftover grocery-store bag.

En Gry og Sif Felted-Wool Floor Cushions, $113 each from Danish Bohemia. Because these look like a lot more fun than the beige ottoman we have now.


Koko Birds Plastic Floor Mat, $46 from 2Modern. Because we need something indestructible for the kitchen floor, and this just makes me happy.

Tivoli Model One, $120 at Canoe. Because we’ve been without music in the living room for too long, and this table radio/iPod dock is as great-looking as it is great-sounding.

Leaves Signe Vase by Karin Eriksson, $155 from Lille. Because white pottery with delicate hand-drawn illustration makes me weak at the knees.

Small Ita Blue Agate Trays, $55 for two from Lille. Because they’re gorgeous, and we could serve sushi on them or slip them under a trio of pillar candles.


Tepper Jackson Capri Overnighter, $109, from Flight 001. Because it’s high time I upgraded from mesh beach bags for overnight trips.

Ikebana Turquoise Throw, $200 from Designers Guild. Because it’s yummy.


iRobot 530 Roomba, $299 from Amazon. Because with two kids, two cats, and a dog that sheds like crazy, we need this.

A custom pooch portrait by Jessie Mott, $400 and up from Because our dog, Bonnie, is a beloved member of the family.

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