my mom's betty crocker's cooky book


Over the weekend I spent some time with a childhood favorite of mine: Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book. When I was a little girl, I pour over the pages, dreaming of the cookie goodness that could be made from its recipes. The wonderful thing about Betty’s book is how simple everything is written — all the mystery is taken out of baking techniques. And the photos, pre-re-touching, are honest. That’s what your cookies actually look like when they come out of the oven, not some kind of soft-focused, over styled production that you can never recreate in a real home.


Here’s the batch I made the other day, including chocolate crinkles, Russian teacakes and peanut butter.

But what I’m wondering is: When did a cooky become a cookie? Or does Betty just have a weird way of spelling things?

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Probably a back-formation from cookies.


I spent years trying to find a recipe that recreated the “Dream Bars” from the Cooky Book. My mom’s copy was so tattered that it was thrown out after her death (my dad did not obviously understand the importance of these cookies!!!)

(I finally found “Angel Bars” in an issue of Mary Englebreit’s Home Companion that remind me of my childhood.)

Oh dear Lord, I loved that book so much when I was a kid. I think my sister boosted our family copy of it. I found a paperbook version, published by Golden in 1987, that has the same recipes and many of the photos and illustrations but is called “Betty Crocker’s Cookie Book”.

When I got married, my mom bought me a Betty Crocker cookbook, because she swore by hers. They still have my favourite oatmeal-walnut-raisin cookie recipe ever, and I make them often with my three-year-old daughter.

And I totally plan on getting my daughter a Betty Crocker cookbook when she gets married — regardless of how outmoded and outdated such gifts are!


My mom has that cookbook and 3 others in what looks like a bookshelf series (or part of one). Maybe I can ask her for them!

I was at a Border’s Bookstore in Manhattan today, and they had a copy for sale with the very same cover! It’s about $25. I couldn’t check out the inside, it was all shrinkwrapped, but if anyone is looking for a copy, looks like it’s still in print


call em cooky or cookie, i’ll eat them all up no matter what! the chocolate ones were VERY tasty / tastie !!!!

Mary T

Heh, I love Chad’s comment. Seeing old Betty books makes me so happy. I better start agitating now for Mom to leave her Christmas Cookie book to me!

OMG, I had that book.
Just seeing its strangely colorful cover makes me soooooooooooo happy! No food styling necessary!

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