what we learned in 2007: our most commented on posts of the year


January: What do you do with baking soda?
Apparently, loads! From cleaning your face to calming mosquito bites to tackling burnt pans. Click here to see all the uses you recommend for this kitchen staple!

February: What’s your favorite big screen decor?
Last year we confirmed our hunch that in addition to loving our homes, we are also all movie buffs. This post continues to gather comments and we’ll be doing a 2008 version soon! (OMG, what will we do if the writer’s strike cancels the Oscars!). Click here to read about your favorite movie homes.

March: What off-beat food are you craving?
From British snack foods (my kingdom for a Twiglet!) to Stella’s Anise Toasts, click here to see what hard-to-find goodies we are hunting for in speciality grocery shelves.

April: How long is your commute?
We love our homes, but we hate commuting. Some of us give up three hours a day to get to back and forth to our abodes. Others love them so much they work and live in the same spot. Share your commuting experiences and read other’s here.

May: Help! What should our bride-to-be register for?
You all had the most amazing advice for Ashley P. who got married this August, on what to register for. Crate & Barrel seems to be the most popular, but there are also other suggestions that are much more personalized. Click here for amazing registry advice.

June: Mail Order Delight: Graeter’s ice cream
It seems practicality goes out the window when ice cream season hits us. This Ohio favorite has many fans, and luckily, they deliver nationwide. Click here to plan ahead for a summer full of Graeter’s.

July: Do you iron your sheets?
The debate rages on: To iron our bed linens or not. Almost all of us admit that we don’t, but on the other hand, we’d love it if someone else did this chore for us! Click here to read what you said about ironing sheets.

August: What kind of table linens should use for our wedding?
How lucky are we to have built in decision-makers like you? In August, Angela M. needed help planning her wedding, and your opinions were a big help! Click here to see the post.

September: Help! How do you make pizza crust?
One thing we’re always amazed at is your cooking expertise. When Erica asked for advise on baking pizza crust, several of you included entire recipes. Click here to see them for yourself.

October: Help! What should I do with this pink bathroom?
No shortage of opinions here! Pink, 1950s bathrooms are something lots of us have encountered — and fantasized about re-doing. Click here to see some inventive suggestions.

November: Do you brine your bird?
Just before the holidays, we asked about your turkey roasting techniques. Click here to weigh in and read other readers’ tips.

December: Gingerbread Cake disaster
Proof that we don’t know what we’re doing any more than you do. Sometimes real life test kitchens just don’t work. Thank goodness, you understand, and offer tips to avoid stumbles next time. Click here to see the tale.

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