the ins and outs of a sears kit house


We always hear about the wonders of Sears Kit Houses, affordable single family homes that were ordered from a catalog and delivered in thousands of pieces for assembly in the early 1900s. This month’s Cottage Living magazine has a great feature on the renovation of one in Pennsylvania. There are great before and after shots on the mag’s web site — be sure to check out the chalkboard wall and the lovely photo mural in the bedroom. If only we could place an order of one now! We’re sold!

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I have always wondered about those sears kit houses.. That is so much fun.


My husband is really interested in Sears kit houses. I don’t know if there are any in our area of Long Island, but we’re going to be looking for a house this year, and if we find one, he’s going to want it!


The neighborhood I grew up in has a really great Victorian Sears kit house. I always dreamed of living there.

The cottages designed for the Gulf Coast Katrina victims are kit homes. The Cusato Cottage is available from Lowe’s, plans and materials included. (HVAC and air conditioning materials are not included) Lowe’sand Cusato Cottages.

There was an abandoned one of these in the neighborhood where I grew up. It had been the first house there, and all the streets are named after the family who owned it. I spent many afternoons playing in its overgrown garden, but it has since been remodeled and is completely unrecognizable. It’s nice to see people appreciating the original model.