hunt for a cool litter box continues: dots are nice!


In December, I wrote about the super cute, super cheap Ikea litter box and realized that I am certainly not alone in my quest for a stylish, small box. I spotted this one on Pet Sugar the other day and fell in love. It’s the Kitty A Go-Go Litter Box, a covered litter box that comes in spiffy white and black dots that would look perfect in a retro bathroom like ours. I haven’t actually done the measuring to see if it will fit in our small space, mostly because I haven’t yet decided that I can happily spend $100 on a litter box. Yes, it comes with has a pull out tray and comes with a rake, sifter, and heavy duty liner. But it’s all about the look. One comment I saw suggested it might not be tall enough for some cats. That’d be the worst: to spend the dough and then have your cat turn up its nose at it. On the other hand, considering we have to look at the thing every day, it could be a smart investment for some aesthetic peace of mind. What’s your take on it? — Angela M.

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I like the look, if not the price.

After reading your concern about the height being insufficient, I put my cat into her litter box and tried to measure to see, but she was having none of my nonsense.


I think this just draws attention to the fact of what it is. The pull-out tray seems to be a really unique feature, but in my opinion, the best catbox design would have reduced visibility as opposed to enhanced. My cat goes in a humble, gray, medium box with a snap-on rim from an ordinary pet store that’s wedged between the toilet and the wall. It is what it is. I do admire designers for trying, but the solution is to diminish attention and blend in with every d├ęcor. For the size of my bathroom and the number of cats I have (1), I found something satisfactory to my vision for less than $10 in the first place I looked. If it was pearlescent white, it would be 100% ideal.

So basically, the cheap generic company that made my cat’s litter box should expand their color line to match tasteful decor.

We’re looking into a new litter box for our cats, and a friend suggested these. I admit that they are pricey for litter boxes, but it’s something to consider.


here’s where I found that one, Lorih – [the litterchestmain url is no longer valid]
it is $190 and would be the perfect solution for me, as our small house doesn’t have a really discreet spot for the litter box, but $200 is just too pricey for me!

I’ve given up trying to find a nice looking litter box. I splurged a few years ago and bought a LitterMaid for our cat, which makes me feel better about going away on vacation. Our friends still stop by to check on our pets, but at least now I don’t have to ask them to scoop the litter box.

Our litter box is in the front living room (it’s rarely used, really), hidden in a tv armoire. It cost $200 from Wal-Mart, but the top part is where I put her food and water bowls (keeps them safe from the dogs) and the bottom cabinet holds the litter box. We cut a hole on the bottom side for her to go in and out. There’s also a shelf on the top part that holds bins of treats, baking soda (to help with the smell), bags, etc.

You could probably find just a small cabinet for much less money (or scour thrift stores) to hide away the litter box if you didn’t need extra space for food and stuff.

i actually made this exact thing from ikea hacker: (the second idea, made with the Hol storage box)
I have the litter box all the way at the end, with one of those nubby mats in front of it, so it definitely decreases the amount of litter they track out. Also, no one knows where the litter box is! I’m tempted to make cushions of the top so people can sit down, but once they found out what they were sitting on they’d probably be grossed out! haha


I have a 20 gallon rubbermaid container with a cat sized hole on the front. It lets the cat box sit inside, with some other room for litter being swept out of the box. It’s not the most attractive thing, but they do have purple ones and I am sure that you could cover it with a table cloth or something. And for the $5 at target, it was well worth it.

Nope, still not right…your cat can kick litter out the huge entry door or stick it’s butt out there too. And dogs can still get in. Check out my invention at