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If you’re buying chocolates for Valentine’s Day, you can do a lot better than a heart-shaped box from the drugstore. Chris Glass’s lovely photo alerted us to MarieBelle, where the chocolates are almost too beautiful to eat. Shelterrific contributor Meg D. also recently linked to chocolates that are not only delightful to behold, they’re organic. Now that’s beautiful.

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Sweet mugs for Valentine’s Day

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I work on the border of the West Village and Soho in Manhattan, and during my lunch hour I can hit the Jacques Torres, Mariebelle, and Vosges shops in a fairly easy walk. Unfortunately I have to go uptown if I want Teuscher chocolates. What I usually do for my sweetie is get my own box and decorate it, and fill it with favorites from each store. Some of Vosges’ amazing caramels, MarieBelle’s beautiful chocolates–I love the lemon and the passionfruit–and then get a couple of Jacques Torres’ coffee and brulee bars and break them into pieces. Yum! OK, it costs a lot of money, but it’s better to have fewer pieces of better chocolate, right? And none of those stores does a traditional Valentine’s box. Why Jacques Torres thinks anyone wants an orange box on Valentine’s is beyond me. Or maybe they have different stuff this year, I haven’t checked yet!

Mary T

Pencils, I think I want to be your Valentine!!


Mary T–Thanks! Although, I did get my husband a zombie card:


I just wish I had an idea of what to get him for a gift… he’s impossible to buy for!

Mary T

Pencils, you’re the second person to send those to me this week. Love those.

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