2008 gift fair: what’s new at jonathan adler


While we can all attest to being “under the influence” of great design, who better to give us a fix than Jonathan Adler? His new Druggery collection of hand-thrown jars (from $75), mugs ($24) and bath accessories decorated with trompe l’oeil chains and emotions are definitely passion-inducing. As are his accompanying needlepoint pillows. While “lust” is a given — Mr. Adler didn’t need to spell that one out — the pillow bearing this particular emotion won’t be available until late spring. And who can resist his new Ojai dinnerware with its alluring rich, retro color mix? It’s not on his website yet, either. Does patience qualify as an emotion? In this extreme, just maybe. — Ingrid S.

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I love the Jonathan Adler update – great new products!
love the lust pillow and the new color palette is great…
Thanks Ingrid!!!!

Mary T

I want all of those pillows!

Tiffany S.

Ack – I’m having a 70’s flashback!