real-life test kitchen: biscuits!


While you probably won’t catch me in a KFC or Roy Rogers any time soon, if you hand me one of their biscuits, I’ll gladly gobble it up. It’s not that I think they produce quality eats; it’s just that biscuits are something that even when they’re bad, they’re good. While preparing for a day of football-watching the other week (Go Pats!) I wanted to whip up some homey fare. I decided on the “four B’s”: Boston Baked Beans and Biscuits. I must admit, the biscuits stole the show. My seplace for a reliable biscuit source led me to a site I love for both its recipes and beautiful food photography: Homesick Texan, written by an expat Texan in New York City. The recipe is super-simple, but the results are oh-so-yummy. They were perfect for sopping up the tangy baked beans and they were delicious the next morning under a fried egg, and with tomato soup for lunch, and with a drizzle of honey on my way through the kitchen…I just couldn’t stop eating them! Check out the biscuit recipe — you won’t be sorry! –Erica P.

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Ignatius B.

I can attest to the quality of these tasty morsels. You’ll wanna keep eatin em well past the limits of your stomach capacity.

my childhood was filled with my grandmother’s biscuits, made with self-rising flour, milk, and crisco, and shaped by hand rather than rolled and cut. they were not the flakey pull apart kind, but a dense fluffy biscuit that went well with jam, egg yolk, honey, or dipped in coffee. sometimes she’d push a small cube of cheese into the middle of the formed dough before baking…bliss.

i was conflicted for years about making them myself, since i didn’t want to buy crisco. then i realized that in specialty foodie shops you could buy a tin of non-hydrogenated oil shortening, essentially crisco without the bad stuff, and my struggle was over. i celebrated for weeks.

Mary T

Lindsey, that’s a great story. I don’t suppose you want to share your recipe as well…? : )

I LOVE the Alton Brown ‘Southern Biscuit” recipe over at Food TV. He marries butter and Crisco in a tasty biscuit with a strudy constitution. Great!

Also – a little known biscuit fact (stright from high school Home Ec class): don’t twist your cutter when cutting out biscuits. it makes the tops go wonky and slanted, instead of the tall, proud biscuits your deserve!