reader question roundup


Some interesting questions have been asked in comments lately, so we thought a quick roundup might enlighten us all. If you have answers for any of these folks, please share. And if you have a question of your own, ask away! We’ll do what we can to help.

Adina says, “I have been wondering lately about dog crates…does anyone know any not-ugly crates for larger dogs or have a pattern for making a sort of crate cover? I hate how my dog’s crate uglifies a corner of my living room.” (She was responding to our link to this post about the eiCrate, shown above, which is very cool, but only for small dogs — and super-pricey.)

Holly D asks, “We grabbed about 20 lbs. of clay off a dune in Wellfleet, Mass. yesterday and plan to mold it into some fun things. Can they be dried in a conventional oven? (We don’t plan to glaze the objects.)”

Emilie has a question about Ikea’s Ektorp sleeper sofa. “We’re thinking about buying this sofa (after drooling over a much more expensive version at Pottery Barn). Can you tell me if it’s comfortable? Thanks!”

Finally, DC has a cookie question. “I bought “The New Best Recipe” book, and cannot find a White Chocolate Chip Macadamia cookie recipe anywhere. They must have removed it from the new edition. :( Can anyone post the recipe or email it to me?”

Okay, readers — you know what to do.

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Ikea Hacker has several pet furniture ideas – most recently, a decent-looking dog crate:


I hadn’t read the comments before, and, apparently, some people found problems with the design of that particular hack. Take it with a grain of salt.


I bought the Ektorp sleeper as a stand-in when I got my first place, thinking I could upgrade when as I found something I really loved.

I’ve had LOTS of guests sleep on it. All have said how surprised they were at how comfortable it is. (I threw an egg crate on top of the mattress. That usually helps a lot, and it’s a cheap fix.)

The one complaint I have about it is that the cushions tend to slip off when you’re sitting on it. But, in the grand scheme of things, that’s minor.

TR Wexler

Bought an Ektorp (not the sleeper model) a few years ago. Our lab jumped on it and the legs on one side broke (currently held up with books—Dan Quayle’s biography, anyone?) instantly. The pillows do squish and squirm all over the place. Overall, it quickly became a lumpy mess, but this may be our fault? Comfy for naps, though!


I just went to the designGO!’s new website. Its pretty nice….

I think it only cost $495 now.