pretty crafty: milky way outdoor chandelier


This is about the most beautiful use of plastic jugs we’ve ever seen. Alexander Reh shares his striking DIY project made from 14 gallon-size milk jugs, a hula hoop and five-watt holiday lights. A list of what you’ll need to build it (not step-by-step instructions, but it should be fairly easy to figure out) is here. Sure, it’s a bit early to be thinking about outdoor parties. But isn’t it tempting to think about hanging this inside, too?

P.S. Contributor Leah H. has a great roundup of milk bottle lights on her blog!

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awesome. but what’s even more inspired on his site, are those deFlower vases! love it.

Mary T

Wow, sj — you’re right! Subversive! : )

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Wow – so creative and such a fun outdoor idea!!

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Not as pretty as Polywood deck furniture which is made from recycled milk jugs but still nice. I wonder if Phantom of the Opera on Broadway would ever think to replace their current chandelier in the show with this milk one on Earth Day. It would make a heck of a statement.

I hope he has a warning about using incandescent lights when building this. Those jugs would start melting pretty quickly….

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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