help! where can i find modern lampshade frames?


Update: I took some pity on Katrina and did a little more reseplace. See below! –Mary T.

“I’m itching to make some lampshades using felt, but need some frames!” says Katrina. “I’m looking for just a simple, elongated cylinder frame, or a drum-shaped frame, and came up empty handed. I found lots of Victorian frames that do not lend themselves to the modern design I am looking for.” Katrina wants a frame that looks like the images above. So how about it, readers? Can you shed any light on this subject?

Update: Some possible solutions after the jump — click to see them!
Would these top and bottom wires from Fogg Lighting work? Fogg Lighting also offers an oval design which is closer to what you’re looking for.

Lamp Shop also offers wire rings — possible to use those to create your own form?

It looks like you’re looking for a cylinder design, but this page’s square frame from Hannah Murphy Lamps & Lampshades is pretty simple and could feel clean and modern.

Lara Cameron design has a nice tutorial on making a lampshade, and she mentions getting her supplies from Australian company Handworks. Alas, the Handworks Supplies website is no longer online, leading me to think they may not be in business anymore, but their phone is still listed online — perhaps worth a call?

Duffy London has a modern-ish make-your-own lampshade kit. Not sure it could be retrofitted to what you need, but possibly?

And of course, we welcome reader help as well!

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You might take apart a cheap IKEA lampshade to get what you want.


Please, please I have been looking too for the last three months.

Thank you for all your great suggestions. I definitly feel like I have a good starting point now. You guys are the best. :) I’ll have to e-mail a picture of the end result. :)


I made some long cylindrical lampshades last year by using the rings referred to above. I just got stiff paper and glued the rings to each end of the paper. Also, there’s a place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that sells lamp shade parts.

Here’s more info:

Good luck!

They might be able to make a frame for you if you wanted to make the outside!


I know of 2 sites you could try. I have not ordered from them though.


oops, heres the other

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Anyone know what happend to I’ve purchased from the site many times and the link no longer connects. Another casualty?!?

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[…] 5. Joy is wondering what happened to She writes: I’ve purchased from the site many times and the link no longer connects. Another casualty?!?” Click here to leave her a clue, or to see more ideas for modern lampshades. […]


I believe Mainely Shades is now affiliated with:
Fogg Lighting
281 Marginal Way
Portland, ME

Good luck!


I got everything I needed for lamps and lampshades from

Very good source for frames. They do anything you want. The website shows their line of frames which they hold in stock but they also do custom. I get all my frames from them. Very good company


Hi. I, too was seplaceing for Mainley Shades. They used to sell an item I need now. A small, plastic coated candle shade frame, 2 and 3/4″ across top, by 6″ across the bottom, by 3 and 7/8″ high. I have been seplaceing for 4 days on the web, and cannot find this frame. It has a candle clip on it, also, the top part goes straight down for 1″, then the skirt part flares out. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. I found plenty of web sights that sells frames, but not like this one. Thank you for your help.


You can get any shape frame you want custom made by, and they’re no more expensive than a ready-made frame. It doesn’t say much on their site. You have to call them for details. If you’d like to learn how to make fabric covered shades from scratch, I learned how to make soft lampshades (the kind with a lining, Victorian shades, etc.) the way professionals do it from an excellent e-book available from It turned out to be a whole lot easier than I thought it would be.


I am looking for the same thing and found the following sites – they each offer the washer top & bottom wire frames and they are stinkin’ cheap! Now to get it assembled properly…I guess it’s just a matter of marking the cardstock correctly & getting it straight (blech!).

(for top & bottom)

(for the washer top)

(for the bottom wire)

I was hoping that someone would sell a self-adhesive drum shade. Too bad – there’s a ton of $ to be made there!


don’t bother buying frames from – she just gets them from and charges more! Aro wire is in LA and is the biggest frame maker in the US – and they are really nice,so use ’em!

Pamela, for your information we’re not even breaking even on the frames we used to buy from Aro Wire. Shipping costs are exhorbitant for large frames. We still have over 3,000 frames in stock, many styles not made by Aro Wire. We occasionally sell frames to other lampshade makers as a courtesy to our lampshade-making customers. Most of them are used to make our own custom lampshades for designers. If you want cheap frames, you can pick one up now and then at the GoodWill Store. Aro Wire does not sell their frames wholesale. Large wholesalers have a minimum of 25 of each frame before you can get a decent price – then you have a tremendous amount of freight to pay. By the way, have you seen Aro Wire’s quality lately?


Could you possibly have a lamp shade frame in the size of 18in. x 8-5/8 in? Or better yet I am looking for a white chiffon lamp shade in that size. Please advise.
Thank you!


I have purchased dozens of lampshades from Aro – prices are very high + shipping. You might try Lamp Hats (tennessee) except their catalog looks like a replica of Aro – prices are similar.
Problem with these companies is they only make victorian-ish frames and charge a fortune to make something more modern. “Custom” for even just a plane round drum shade. Ridiculous.
I hand sew lamp shades for designers, and single customers – silk to just about anything…. except paper! I guess we’re stuck with Aro Wire until someone else comes out with some more modern shades – and doesn’t call them “Custom” – or we just tear old ones apart as I often do.



Hi Hannah! Wooooow, it really sucks to find people, who are so nice over the phone, and see that they are so different in other places. If I am correct, and please correct me if I am wrong, when you started your business, you bought from Aro Wire ALL the time. You were one of our greatest customers. Then, out the blue, you stoped ordering as much as before. It could have been many things. Like our personal troubles with some of our past employees or the unfortunate high cost of shipping with UPS and FEDEX or it could also have been that you started to produce our frames. It’s funny that you should mention our quality because you still order from us. As a matter of fact, you commented on this post Sept of ’09, I have invoices for you from JAN, FEB, MAR, AND SEPT of that year. And a few more after that. I know that the economy is not helping our line of business but I find it very uncool to try and get ahead of others by steping over them. I have NEVER spoken bad about you or your business and would love the same respect.

Hi Denise!

I am sorry that you feel to be stuck with Aro Wire. Our prices have gone up and we are not very happy about that ourselves. We wish that we can sell the frames at a price we could all be happy with. Here is the thing, the price on metal has gone up tremendously in the past 4 years. We also make everything by hand to your specifications. You come up with diamentions, we come up with a frame that fits your needs. Besides paying for our metal, we also have employees and bills to pay. We can’t just make round, square, rectangle frames at a “standard” size because everyone needs different specific sizes. We do give breaks on orders of 6,12 or +. When you run 12 frames at a time is less time consuming than if you were to make 1 or 2. Oh btw, ARO WIRE is holding a sale this month APRIL ’12. Buy ten frames, get two more free. Give us a call… I’ll be happy to assist you. =)


I’m desperate to find a wire frame supplier (preferably a manufacturer) in the UK? Has anyone any ideas?

If I find the right product at the right price I am quite happy to order a dozen, or even 18 or each size that I want.




Hi Heather, are you still looking for frames? If you’re after something other than drum lampshades you could try having a look at I run this with my sister and we have a range of stock frames, but could also manufacture others if we don’t have what you need! We don’t have all of our frames up on folksy yet and do still have a lot more, it’s just a case of listing them all, which takes time! If you let us know what kind of frame you are interested in then I can check if we have it and make a priority of listing it for you.
Hope this helps :)