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Loving this table re-do at Design*Sponge. Inspiring!

Enjoying the view at My Marrakesh, an American woman in Morroco who is a human rights and democracy specialist, magazine editor, freelance writer, passionate about “design, decor, restaurants, spas, gardens, as well as other wowza lifestyle experiences,” and whose household includes a husband, two children, and nine peacocks.

Indulging in the “Appetizers” at The Food Section, such as this quick link to America’s best Italian restaurants (priceless info).

Wondering if the uses for baking soda ever really end — here’s a list of 26 more at House Calls.

Hoping we don’t have to worry about the safety of our beloved vintage Pyrex.

Feeling better about our semi-clean home with this link from Charles & Hudson to “not all pretty,” but inspiring in their own way, Normal Room(s).

Gearing up for spring with fresh, white interiors at Freshome in photos by Martin Dyrlov. (And on a completely different note, drooling over these completely fab Moooi Boutique sofas! Want.)

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Thanks for linking …highly appreciate.

The peacocks were thrilled when I told them that they showed up on your cool site! Thanks:-)


Yikes on the Pyrex! I have lost about 3 pieces of Pyrex this way (glass explosions in the oven are exciting) and funny the things you just sort accept as normal…. my pieces were from a set that I got about 12-14 years ago, so not exactly vintage, but they were older.

I love how the Pyrex people quoted in the article blame the customers. That’s a PR disaster waiting to happen…


I find the Pyrex thing to be fishy. The article says they’ve sold 369 million pieces–if it were a huge problem, you’d think we would have heard about it. It IS glass, no one ever said it was unbreakable. Treat it with respect, and it isn’t going to break explosively. I suspect any piece that does was cracked but wasn’t noticed by the user.

Yes, I collect Pyrex. My mom uses Pyrex, my grandmother used it, my great-grandmother used it. We still have some of their pieces. Never had one break, but then we’re careful with it.

I have experience what they’re talking about, BTW, but with an IKEA tealight holder. I set a tealight in it, lit it, and luckily was across the room when it exploded not long after. Should have taken it back. But that was the first time I used it. Which is why I don’t believe the Pyrex thing.

Tiffany S.

My mom poured cold pie filling into a pre-heated pyrex pie plate and KABOOM! I’ve made that same pie ten or twelve times without a problem. Like folks have mentioned, it is glass! You have to use some common sense.


Glass, you say? Hmmm, maaaaybe it wasn’t such a good idea to let my pet chimp put the cold casserole he made in the preheated oven after he had a few…. ;) lol

Seriously though, (not realizing that my post might indeed have painted me as a world class ding dong in the kitchen), I should have elaborated that the reason I mentioned it was that in my lots of years of cooking a lot with the same vintage Pyrex (I heart them) that were handed down to me from my mom or bought at assorted yard sales and such, that it was strange to have 3 pieces explode from the same set of relatively new pieces.

I do think that the point the professor dude makes about how properly tempered glass shouldn’t break quite the way that they have many cases is a fairly valid one though.

Anyway, my pieces that exploded a) didn’t kill/maim anyone and b) were all that weird smokey plum color–so I’m not exactly missing them. I’ll stick to my old Pyrex!


I’ve had two newer pieces of Pyrex explode in the oven. I had another one explode right after I set it on a trivet on the countertop after taking it from the oven. I know how to handle glass, and I know what thermal shock is. I properly handled my Pyrex.

That said, I’ve even dropped a piece of my great-grandma’s pre-war Pyrex, and it didn’t break! None of my vintage Pyrex has exploded in my oven. I just don’t buy any new Pyrex.

Megan B

Re; Pyrex It’s true! I’ve had it happen. It’s especially dangerous at temps over 450, and under a broiler. I was teaching a cooking class a few years ago and my co-chef was broiling something in a pyrex pan and all the sudden it shattered in two pieces. It was a newer piece, though. I would never subject my precious vintage pyrex to such abuse!

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I was making gravy on the stovetop one night, in a Pyrex dish, and it exploded. It happens, people; be careful.


I also had pyrex exlpode into thousands of little pieces (it was a 13×9 dish, that was only a few years old) while I was making gravy on the stove. Needless to say, we were gravyless on Thanksgiving and had to hunt all over the kitchen and through all the food to make sure we found all the peices (from little shards to marble-sized)… So please, do be careful!!!!


i also had a pyrex incident. i didn’t follow the directions on the bottom of the dish apparently-it does say not to heat on the stove top. :( i was making a cassoulet and was to brown the bacon in the pan on the stovetop before incorporating everything else. it exploded into a gajillion tiny shards. thankfully i was across the room and was able to hit the deck when i heard the loud pop! i’m the queen of reading glassware bottoms now…

I had it happen with fake Pyrex….a cheap lid at the grocery store, I heated something up in the microwave, took it out, turned around to talk to someone, and it exploded shards all over the kitchen, luckily hitting me in the back, and I was shading my friend! Glass was everywhere!