five things we learned last week

Bright ideas we gathered from your comments.


1. Several readers have indeed had kitchen Pyrex explosions. We linked to this alarming story about Pyrex dishes suddenly exploding in the oven, and you responded with some stories of your own. Says Megan B., “It’s especially dangerous at temps over 450, and under a broiler. I was teaching a cooking class a few years ago and my co-chef was broiling something in a Pyrex pan and all the sudden it shattered in two pieces. It was a newer piece, though. I would never subject my precious vintage Pyrex to such abuse!” Read the original post and other comments on this story here.

2. Turning off the TV and computer doesn’t have to be just one night a week. Susanna, for instance, unplugs Monday through Thursday. “I spend my workday in front of a computer, and get home at about 6:30,” she says. “It makes the evening seem longer and more enjoyable if you’re not in front of the TV or computer. And I find it’s allowing me to go to bed at a decent hour, so I can get up and go for a morning run at 6 am!!” Learn more about 52 Nights Unplugged here.

3. Personal experience influences disaster preparedness. Mkh, who lives in hurricane-prone Miami, says, “I make sure my pantry is always stocked with soups, canned tuna and chicken, and crackers. For my cats I always keep an extra bag of food so I can care for them, too.” While Dorian says, “I thought I lived in a safe and comfortable home too, right up until it burned to the ground. Like our man Ben Franklin liked to say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and I take that to mean a certain degree of individual responsibility.” So what’s your household’s plan? Join the conversation here.

4. You really, really want Beth J. to recover her sofa. Comments keep coming in on Beth J.’s “Reupholster or replace?” sofa dilemma, and most of you urge her to hang on to that sofa. Says kelly j, “If your sofa has held up this long, the frame must be of high quality. Plus, it has a great design!” While Robert Swinburne points out something we hadn’t thought about: “Consider all the nasty fire retarding chemicals they put in new furniture and the fact that you have kids who could be affected by those chemicals. I started digging into this a few years ago and quickly became very depressed…I say slipcovers.” Help Beth J. decide here.

5. It’s hard to find modern lampshade frames! Our reseplace didn’t turn up huge amount of sources for Katrina, who’s still on the lookout for the supplies to make her own modern lamps, though a couple helpful readers have added some great suggestions. Let her know if you have any sources we haven’t found.

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