kinda genius: holdable honey


We spotted this clever sweetener on The Food Section blog the other day and immediately thought of all the times this would come in handy. Think about it: Holdable honey! How much better (and better for you) would it be to have honey in the office, at picnics, on long car rides, than plain ol’ sugar packs? Made by Honibe on Prince Edward Island in Canada the drops are made from a hundred percent natural honey, and come in two flavors — plain and lemon. $12 per box of twenty.

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Thanks for this link! I was just thinking the other day about how much I hate using sugar in my tea and how I would much rather use honey, but without the mess. What a perfectly timely post!

twinkle toes

what a great idea! i love honey, but it makes such a mess.


It’s rather expensive. Sixty cents a cube.