paint color impaired? try the color-helper


Ever painted a wall, stood back, and had that sinking feeling when you realized the color you chose looked vile against your rug, or couch, or adjacent room? This new digital handheld wants to help you with that. The Color-Helper helps you match and harmonize colors using what the manufacturers call “proven color ‘science.'” Position it over a wall, carpet, or fabric, click it, and it will instantly supply the three closest color chip matches from a database of more than 13,000 shades from major paint manufacturers, plus recommend coordinating colors. While right now colors are limited to interior paint, they tell us that palettes of siding, shingles, and exterior paint are in the works. You can also buy a cord so you can instantly upload new paint colors when added. The Color-Helper is $229, but right now you can save $40 by participating in a survey at See the Color-Helper in action here.

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