great designs for dog (and cat) people


If you’re crazy for a certain dog breed, not that we know anyone around here who is (cough, Mary T., cough), you’re familiar with the usual types of “I heart my insert-dog-name-here” decor that’s out there — most of it is a little too precious or, dare we say, tacky. So these Obey the Purebreed! posters, notebooks, and more are a breath of fresh doggy…breath. There are 57 breeds represented to date, plus versions for the cat…and the baby. We could see these in a kid’s room for sure. (Or, who are we kidding, Mary T.’s living room.)

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LOVE IT! We’re dogless at the moment but the basset captures my parents’ dog to a T!


Oh. I was so excited for a second as a new dog owner, but then, alas, no Airedales. However chairman meow is near irresistible.