living really green: low-impact woodland home


We’re fascinated by this low-impact woodland home in Wales. The site is interesting from a social context of why the home was constructed, or just to peruse photos of such a fanciful — and truly green — living space. Plans and construction photos are included, too. Amazingly, the home was built for the equivalent of roughly $6300. (The home has been discussed a bit around the blogsophere, but it’s definitely worth the attention.)

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Sweet mother of God, I forgot about this house! Oddly enough, I stumbled upon this a while back while seplaceing for ‘hobbit homes’. Funny right? When I finally get around to building a dwelling for myself, it’ll be the hobbit house, this:

or this:

It reminds me of a fairy tale like Red Riding hood or Snow White.

This definitely looks like a little Hobbit house! It would be so fun to live here!

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