the food of the irish: beef and guinness pie


We had the extreme luck to be invited over to enjoy our friend Dorian’s wonderful Irish feast last night. Dinner included delicious corned beef and cabbage and colcannon, but our absolute favorite was the beef and Guinness pie: savory beef, onions and mushrooms in a beer gravy inside a puff pastry. So, so good. Dorian used the Saveur recipe, but added an extra layer of puff pastry. She wasn’t happy with that addition, since she couldn’t get the pastry to cook all the way through, but it’s safe to say her guests didn’t notice! Dorian says, “I took liberties with the choice of bakeware (still scared of my Pyrex rectangle baker!) and I’d not use double the puff pastry for the aforementioned gummy reasons, but the pic turned out kind of nice. Anyway, the recipe is really easy, a sort of throw-everything-in-the-pot and cook type of thing.” If that’s the case, maybe she’ll make this for us every week! –Mary T.

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Angela M.

I can live without the corn beef and cabbage, but this looks delicious! I love recipes that include stout. Must give this one a try.


Unless you’re a good/competent cook already, don’t tinker with a recipe until you make it at least once.


readingglasses, I consider my self a good AND competent cook actually! But I think that even good and competent cooks are allowed to make a mistake once in a while. Despite my error, the result was still tasty so I don’t really think it was a big deal. I love to cook, and that means sometimes making mistakes, which is part of the fun. Luckily my friends and family weren’t quite so judgemental, LOL!

Mary T

I can attest that Dorian is a fantastic — and quite competent — cook.