help! i need a hammock that lasts


Even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time, lounging in the hammock is one of my favorite things about warmer weather. If only my hammocks would cooperate. Two years ago, I bought a woven hammock from (similar looking to this one from Branch, but a lot cheaper in many ways). After a winter in storage, the polyester-type fabric began shedding little itchy bits that got all over our clothes and skin, and then the support ropes started to snap. It was stored in a dry place, but I wondered if the previous summer’s rainstorms had broken down the fabric. The summer before, we had a rope hammock from Home Depot. It seemed sturdy, but after a couple months we realized that the holes in the wood spacer were so rough, they had worn through the support ropes, which began to break. I swear we’re not going over the weight limit! I’m tired of wasting money (and creating garbage) with hammocks that fall apart. Has anyone tried either of the hammocks we’ve written about? Is there a hammock that will last, even if I don’t rush outside to bring it in every time it rains? Any hammock help is appreciated! –Mary T.

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Made in USA on the Outer Banks. You can ship one to me at the same time ;-p


That’s the one I have and I love it. We have had it for 6 six years now and it hasn’t worn or broken.

Mary T

Henna, are you referring to the one in the photo or the one Sarah references above?


Pawley’s Island hammocks,


I don’t know if you can find it there, but for me the best hammocks are the made of cotton we find here in Brazil (like these: Put them in the washing machine once in a while, and we have it for years!

yes, i was going to recommend north/south carolina hammocks but they beat me to it. when it comes to hammocks, you really do have to pay for quality, and those regions do it right.


I’ve had a Hatteras hammock for 3 years and love it: Looking at this one for my dad for Father’s Day: