who needs french doors when you’ve got garage doors?


Don’t you love those street-facing restaurants where they open up the entire front of the room to a summer breeze? Imagine being able to do the same at home. That’s what people are doing with the glass-panel Avante Collection garage doors from Clopay. It’s an actual garage door, but it can be customized to work with your living space. I love the idea of being able to “seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor living spaces,” as Clopay describes it. I also love that you can raise and lower the doors automatically — hey, they are garage doors, after all. I don’t know if we’ll actually try this at home, but I sure am thinking about it. Check out the Avante Collection at Clopaydoor.com. (Actually, they look pretty great on garages, too.) –Mary T.

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I love the idea too! It looks great in these pictures!


You can see the Avante as a garage door in the March issue of California Home & Design. (Note, this link opens a PDF) http://www.jamesphillipwright.com/publications/Calif_Home_and_Design/CHD.pdf

I’ve always wanted to try this. I just never live in the right place for it :(

Mary T

I know what you mean! I don’t know if we have the ceiilngs for it, but I love the idea.

One of my great dreams is to live in a climate where service station doors can stand in for sliders. Sadly, Minnesota is not it, so I compromised:

Tiffany S.

I love how it goes straight up the wall instead of across the ceiling. I think they’re worth designing a remodel around!

I love it. It’s Jersey Shore made chic. But we knew that long ago! Bring out the clams.

Mary T

I talked to my Clopay rep friend, and apparently our ceiilngs are just fine for this — they’ll design for any surroundings. So this is definitely on our radar! Splatgirl, is that an interior wall in your photo? And Homer, I love your site name. : )

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