reader collection showcase: how now design

We loved the submissions we received in response to our What Do You Collect? post off, and we think you will, too. Our first showcase of collections comes from Abbey Hendrickson of How Now Design, who also runs the blog Aesthetic Outburst. We adore her display of Fischer-Price Little People “Moms,” and also the way she displays certain collections: vintage birds on a tree branch, souvenir pressed pennies strung together in a modern wall wreath.


Visit How Now Design’s Etsy Shop — and maybe jump-start some collections of your own — here. And be sure to peruse her entire roundup on her Flickr Page. We’ll feature more reader collections in coming weeks.


From our partners

omg! The play school teacher or is that the mom? are brilliant! really a sight for sore eyes. Love it!!

My boyfriend and I were just talking about how we used to play with the Fisher Price people. I love it.

i just found a link to this from fashionisspinach. i left a message about how i was anti-collections (personally), but wow, these look so great. displayed, they are really art!

Wow! Thanks so much for posting my collections!

Oh my goodness. Dare I say it? I am totally jealous of that bundt pan collection. No really, I am.

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