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Awhile back, we mentioned that DwellStudio was soon to be available at Target. Now that it is, we thought we’d take a peek at what they’re offering. (We confess we haven’t been inside a Target in a few weeks — sacrilege!) The designs are heavily focused on babies right now, with very attractive cribs and layette sets. We’re not sure how we feel about the Mercer Glider/Ottoman Collection — what do you think? It’s definitely an improvement over the too-tufted gliders you see at most big-box retailers.

The adult bedding collections seem to be getting good reviews — this Baroque pattern in particular is quite nice. One commenter complained that the king-size DwellStudio comforter was too long. Since ours is always too short, we may look into this. Linens like the Border Tablecloth are very reasonably priced at $12.99. Have you checked out DwellStudio at Target yet? How do you like it?

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I’ve checked out all the baby Dwell stuff at Target and I love it all. Great patterns and fabrics! It’s a fantastic addition to Target.


I don’t have a baby, but I love the way gliders feel to sit in and ‘rock.’

So soothing. But they are so hideous looking, I can’t bring myself to buy one.

Once, at a friend of a friend’s house, I sat in a Mission style chair, which turned out to be a glider. It was very pretty, too.

But the people didn’t know where it had come from, as it had been a gift.

These gliders look OK in the tiny pictures, not terrific, but OK. But it’s too bad they don’t have more interesting fabrics.

i purchased the baroque bedset last week–and i LOVE it!

i didn’t check out the baby sets–but the bedding & kitchen items were all quite pretty.

i’m always psyched to get great design for a great price (:

I’m intrigued by the baroque bedding — may just have to splurge on that this weekend.

I picked up some of the table linens this weekend (actually posted about it on my blog: Generally, I’m very pleased — but I’m super-irked about potential stain removal issues. I can’t decide if this is a washing machine problem, a fabric problem, or what.

Re: the king thing. I suspect that there’s an Eastern/Western king issue at work. Eastern king beds (aka “Standard King”, or just “king”) have mattresses that are 80″ long. Western king beds (aka “California King”) have mattresses that are 84″ long and not as wide as the former. So bedding will vary accordingly.

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I purchased the DwellStudio Bedding from target. – I love it.

The quality of the comforter isnt the best, but I absolutely love the sheets.

I went with the White Comforter with the dark orange and brown sihouettes of birds and branches, coordinated with the white and brown sheets.

What a Steal!

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I personally don’t really like the Dwell glider, looks too “country clutter” for me. What are some other options that people are liking for gliders? I’d like to find a glider/swivel, and saw an ok one at Crate & Barrell, but that’s about it. I bought the yellow/gray throw pillow, and it’s really nice. I personally am pretty excited about the Dwell line at Target. Makes it actually affordable!


I just bought a Sleepytime Rocker from Nurseryworks. Certain fabrics and colors are 50% off right now. I bought it online but I tried it out at Giggle in Soho first–it’s remarkably comfortable. And it’s a chair that I won’t be embarrassed to have in my living room. Which is a good thing, we don’t have a room for a nursery yet. ;) (We’re in the market for a house.) There’s also a nice-looking upholstered rocker from Room and Board, and IKEA has a new rocker/glider that doesn’t look bad, but it only comes in black or white.