blogwatch: where we’ve been clicking this week


You’ll be jealous when you see where Leah shopped, ate and stayed during her recent visit to Portland — lots of beautiful photos and fun information.

Speaking of travel, the New York Times visits some urban eco-hotels. No sacrifice required.

We like this patio transformation at Apartment Therapy (do note helpful reader comments, however). Sometimes simple is so appealing.

The Unclutterer tackles how to unclutter your finances — something to think about the next time we order pizza. And the time after that…

Easy Veggie Low Mein from Bad Human — sounds like good eatin’.

We were interested to learn there’s a book coming out on Hollywood Regency style, as seen at The Peak of Chic.

Finally, some great, great info from Decor8 on locating flea markets and indie craft shows. Exactly what we’ve been looking for!

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Flutter is definitely one of my favorite spots in Portland. I loved Leah’s posts, it makes a Portlander proud.