five things we learned last week

Bright ideas we gathered from your comments.


1. Most of you ban the TV from the bedroom. While most of you don’t like a TV in the bedroom, some of you let in the laptop for an occasional DVD. It was Ron’s comment, though, that really struck us. He says, “I made a conscious effort to have absolutely no electronics in my bedroom at all, not even an alarm clock. (Although I admit I occasionally bring in my cell phone to act as an alarm.)” Ron, how do you do it? Do you wake up naturally? We’d really like to know!

2. Speaking of clocks, there are great alternatives to digital. Pencils agrees with Angela: “I’m not a big fan of digital clocks either… My bedside clock is a Big Ben repro of their midcentury ‘Moonbeam’ clock. You can get them from LL Bean. I particularly like it because it flashes a light before the bell alarm goes off. It’s much more gentle and pleasant to wake to a flashing light, but if it doesn’t wake you, then the bell goes off.” Click here for more alternatives to digital.

3. Is the comforter too long for your king bed? Check the label. Diane says, “Eastern king beds (aka ‘Standard King’ or just ‘king’) have mattresses that are 80″long. Western king beds (aka ‘California King’) have mattresses that are 84″long and not as wide as the former. So bedding will vary accordingly.” See our DwellStudio for Target roundup here.

4. Wanna build a green doghouse? Here are suggestions. Megan B says, “The awesome Seattle-based ReStore Architectural Salvage hosts workshops on how to build your own ‘green design’ pet houses.” (We have a feeling you can find similar classes in your area.) Meanwhile, Dana says, “My husband purchased a book of pet oriented woodworking projects awhile back, and one of them was a doghouse with a grass roof. I think the book was published by Black and Decker.” Does that ring a bell with anyone? There are also a lot of sources online. See the designer green doghouses here.

5. Indian saris make beautiful curtains. “Instead of using regular fabric for curtain, try using Indian saris,” says I’Ching. “They are lovely, long enough for floor to ceiling and cheap!” Any cafe curtain clips should make hanging them easy, too. Learn about making a cheap and easy extra-long curtain rod here.

From our partners

My husband accidentally locked me in our bedroom for 7 hours. From there on out I’ve kept my cell phone in our bedroom.
I was also glad there was a TV in there, so I wasn’t too bored.

Wow, 8 hours in one room only? I think I would go crazy. You’re lucky he come back come the same day :)