happy cupcake week!

Update: I mentioned Seattle’s beloved Trophy Cupcake below, and as it turns out, Jennifer Shea of Trophy will be on Martha Stewart’s show this Thursday, demonstrating a s’mores cupcake recipe! Had to share that.

Martha Stewart has declared it Cupcake Week, and who are we to argue? It begins with a contest: “Share photos of your most creatively decorated cupcakes — use flowers, candy, marzipan, or whatever inspires — and you could win an elegant cupcake tree from the Martha Stewart Collection.” If you don’t win, you can console yourself with the perhaps less elegant, but infinitely practical (It’s true! I love mine!) Cupcake Courier. Not into baking and have a lot of disposable income? Celebrate with the latest cupcake-inspired furniture from Jellio: The Cupcake Seat (above). Jellio also offers a Cupcake Table, which we’ve talked about before (when it was known as the “Birthday Table”). Still too much effort? Revisit some easy, fun first-birthday tips from Megan K., including the cutest birthday hat you ever did see. (Incidentally, if you’re ever in Seattle and need a serious cupcake fix, Trophy is the place to go.) –Mary T.

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I am so tired of the whole cupcake fad. But I’ve always been more of a brownie person, anyway. What is the next dessert fad? Anybody know?


I like Little Gift #1 and Little Gift #2 at http://www.millerstudio.us/ and other stuff that aren’t cupcakes. I still like cupcakes as they can be individualized, and how small and single-serving-sized they are, but as a trend, they’re not really original anymore. So a)yes, still yummy, so who cares about b)? I like brownies too, and regular cake, and cheesecake, but not cookies too much, or pudding. Marzipan is gross but as a creative medium pretty, how about celebrating the cannoli?

Mary T.

Mochi? : )

Tiffany S.

I love the first birthday girl’s name – BIrdie! That was my cat’s name in high school (guess which pet I really wanted at the time?).


I used the idea for the sari curtains in my daughter’s room when we redid it last year. We ordered some pretty ones from ABC Stores for $7.99 each, and got a rod and ring clips, folded over the fringed edge, clipped them on and voila! 3 windows done for under $50! They look great too.