crib remorse: target's three months too late


Not to swoon too much about Target’s new DwellStudio line, but I wish they had unveiled this last fall when we were shopping for cribs. You may remember the debate that raged here about Wal-mart’s Baby Mod crib. That’s the one we went with (despite the yucky feelings about Wal-Mart) and honestly it’s pretty great for $300. Clean lines, storage below, etc. But the new ones at Target are cut from the same cloth, so to speak, but come in a wider variety of palettes. I love the one above, the Silver Lake crib in Honey Oak. I’m not sure where it’s manufactured though. The Wal-mart line comes from New Zealand and is made of all wood. What do you think? Would you buy the Target crib? — Angela M.

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You can’t think about the cool baby stuff that’s out NOW, as opposed to the decidedly crummier baby stuff that was out when you needed to buy it. Otherwise you’ll go utterly mad, and that’s not a good position to be in when you’re parenting. Seriously, no matter how awesome any given baby item is and no matter how much you love it when you bring it home, something better will always come along about four months later. (The lone exception to this rule is the baby himself!) Just start making lists of stuff you want and love and can’t wait to do for the toddler room… or the next baby’s room!


We were shopping for affordable modern cribs recently and had our heart set on the Dwell Studio line but after reading the recent reviews about it smelling really bad we went with the Baby Mod line from Walmart and we love it. Now we just need to find modern glider and ottoman that works well with it.


My husband and I will be in the market for a crib in the fairly near future, and I feel exactly as you do–I like the looks of the BabyMod cribs, but I boycott Walmart. And I love Target. That said, I’ve always thought Target furniture was cheap–the only thing I’ve ever bought from them were some kitchen chairs, and they were indeed cheap things. Promptly fell apart even though almost no one ever sat on them. And I’ve looked at Target furniture in the store many times and it seems cheap. Also, I read on Apartment Therapy that the Target baby furniture smells terrible as it off-gasses. I think we’re going with one of the BabyMod cribs, as I know that many of the cribs are actually made by big crib makers, including DaVinci. I’m not sure about the manufacturers of the most modern BabyMod cribs, but I’ve read plenty of good reviews.


Mona–we just bought a Sleepytime rocker for 40% off. It’s not a glider, it’s a rocker, but I’ve sat in it and it’s very comfortable. And quite modern! It’s actually going to sit in our living room until we move. Certain colors and fabrics are now 50% off, which is a great deal.

There’s even a matching toddler size, which is so incredibly precious in person I could barely stand it.


We had been considering the Target crib too, but the source is ambiguous on the website (I think it just says “imported,” which usually means “from China” since if it were from Italy or Argentina or something, it would say so. We’re skipping it. Apparently babies start to enjoy chewing on their cribs at some point, and I don’t want to stress about it.


It’s made by StorkKraft in China — it’s awful, flimsy, and I returned it.

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