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Leah lauded Stumptown Coffee Roasters in posts about her recent trip to Portland, and I can vouch for the altogether tastiness of this coffee. The one Stumptown location in Seattle is about 20 minutes from our house by car, and though there are probably 100 places that are closer (this is Seattle, after all) we make special trips to pick up Rwanda Musasa coffee to make at home. You can order Stumptown online to enjoy at home, no matter where you live. It’s smooth, it’s free trade, and we love it — so much so, we sent bags of it to friends at Christmas. Cheap? No. Good? Oh, yeah. –Mary T.

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Stumptown is great! Just so you know, there is a newish coffee shop that opened in Tacoma called “Satellite Coffee”. So, if you are ever in Tacoma, you can pick up your beans there and have a great cup of coffee.

I always wonder how they get that image in the milk! Urth Cafe in Los Angeles always does the same thing with their capuccinos/lattes, and it looks so beautiful! (Also free trade and oh-so yummy)!
xx, Courtney


Though not a coffee drinker I am a solid fan of hot chocolate and while Stumptown is about a block from my apt. (in Seattle)- I refuse to go there anymore. I honestly have to say that the baristas barely acknowledge the presence of a waiting customer, take an awfully long time to froth up some milk and then dismissively ring you up. I’m sure the coffee is great but their service is deplorable.

Mary T

I’m sorry to hear that, Anna. I haven’t had that experience, but I know that I’ve read other reports on Yelp that some have. Maybe if corporate knew this, they’d look into it. Hmmm.

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