post off: what decorating trend are you tired of?

For me (and, I believe, Angela, too) it’s wall decals — I’m seeing them too many places, and they strike me as a decorating trend that is going to be up there with avocado refrigerators soon. If you’re like us, you surf a lot of home decor sites. So is there a decorating trend that you’re getting tired of seeing? (And if this sounds too pessimistic, next week we’ll ask which trend you can’t get enough of!) –Mary T.

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I have decals over my bed and guess what? They’re birds!!! I love them


I’m sick to death of HGTV convincing everyone that your house is worthless if you don’t have granite counter tops. If you like granite, that’s fine but there are a lot of other counter top options out there that might make more sense-especially if you’re a serious cook. I think they are going to look very dated soon-if not already. Also I’m sick of seeing cool old bathroom tiles ripped out, only to be replaced with 12×12 beige tiles-DATED!!


Here in NYC, I am sick of black & espresso engineered wood floors. Apartment after luxury apartment of cheap, unimaginative, poor-quality modernism. Dim, dark, empty soulless rooms with all the personality of a masoleum. Ugly granite and “high-end “appliances in tiny “luxury” kitchens that are actually designed to be impractical for cooking.
In the burbs, I am sick of red/orange walls, “home bars,” and (like many who have commented here) the relentlessly bad Tuscan stuff.
I also think the emptiest criticism of any design is merely that it is “dated” — good design of good quality can be lived in maintained and gently adapted over time. I too cringe when I see finely built, well-designed spaces with some design integrity completely trashed simply because they are threadbare and tagged by some design twerp as “dated.” These spaces generally only need a simple intelligent refurbishing. Instead, they’re always turned into some “open Craftsman” or “Faux modern” monstrosity with “custom Tuscan accents” or some other weird disrespectful abomination inappropriate to the house or its location. Did you follow all the latest whims of 2009 in your new design? Sorry to tell you, but your project is already past its sell-by date. Conversely, I have seen rooms that haven’t been significantly changed in 80 years that are more wonderful now than ever.


What I wanted to know is if I really hate this mid century modern stuff so much because I was brought up with that (we called it 60s) and thought it was cheap and tacky as can be…or because I’ve lived with antiques and I think the closest style to mine was called “shabby chic”. I’m feeling dated myself from all this HGTV but at the same time I know it’s bull.

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Be honest to the house.

I own a Craftsman bunglow. I’m proud of its roots. I’m not living in a house museum, but I’m not painting my quartersawn oak beachy white either! And oil rubbed bronze works in this house – but only on knobs and hinges where it would have been used originally.


I am with everyone who hates the Tuscan theme. My mantra is “anything but Tuscan!” I have yet to see anyone’s home done this way that doesn’t look fake, probably because they are not in Tuscany. Other trends that I hate include the letters, especially that Live Laugh Love one. Do I need a sign that tells people I do that or do I really need to be reminded to do so? Also, pools with rock waterfalls–boo hiss! Shabby Chic. Why make something look shabby? (Having said that, I have a friend who loves it, has made it her own, and I’m very comfortable in her home). Wallpaper–can’t stand the stuff.

My own personal style is contemporary, but not sterile. It sounds like I’m in the minority here, but I love my stainless steel appliances and covet granite countertops (ugh, I have formica). And, shudder, I painted my walls a neutral color – Ralph Lauren Cobblestone, thank you very much. :-) The whole house, hehe! Every time I paint another room with it, I am just filled with serenity. (I like to bring color in with rugs and accessories.)

Bottom line, if you decorate to make yourself happy it will show through to your guests. Don’t go overboard with a theme. I knew I had accomplished what I wanted when my sister in law (who loves country decor) commented on Thanksgiving–“I’ve always hated Modern, but your house is so beautiful and inviting–what beautiful colors!” I have had several friends say similar things, including my shabby chic friend. If it doesn’t feel forced to others, mission accomplished.


OK! Here’s my list!
1. Bathroom rugs designed to fit around the base of the toilet. Major “eeeewwww” factor!
2.Pillows piled upon pillows on beds and/or sofas. Uncomfortable to sit on, impossible to store.
3.Backless benches in conversation areas instead of sofas. Who wants to “perch” all evening?
4.Silk trees, plants and flower overload. One per room, please-tops.Or-great idea-try REAL ONES!
5.”Themed” kitchens. Why is this room overloaded with roosters, apples, birdhouses, etc. etc.???


I dislike trends in general. I have never been one to follow what’s hot right now. I prefer a classic design with periodic updating.
My current pet peeve is lamps. What in the name of all that is holy have they done to lamps??? The shades are out of balance with the base of the lamp. Sometimes it looks like the shade is trying to eat the lamp!