real life test kitchen: turkey meat loaf

There are a few cookbooks that I turn to again and again for foolproof dishes. One of them is, without a doubt, the Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. It’s chock full of staples from roast chicken to chocolate brownies. Among many excellent dishes, my favorite is the turkey meat loaf. It’s so simple: A saute of onion, Worcestershire sauce, tomato paste, chicken stock and thyme is added to ground turkey mixed with eggs and bread crumbs. Lather the top with ketchup and bake slowly at 350 for an hour and half. I served with basic mashed potatoes (though I wish I had made the parmesan mash from the cookbook) and honey glazed carrots (those were so good, they nearly stole the show. I’ll give up that recipe next week!). Click through to this Food Network link to see the whole turkey meat loaf recipe. — Angela M.

P.S. This recipe makes a HUGE five pound meat loaf. I cut it down by a third and it worked well.

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a five pound meatloaf! oy! i bet this would be good with ground chicken as well.

Oh, I love Barefoot Contessa! I must say though, I’ve put off buying any of her cookbooks because she seems almost *too* put together for my scatterbrained, flighty self to pull any of it off. That recipe doesn’t look too perfect though – maybe I should reconsider :)


I made this recipe with chicken and added chopped up fresh sauteed spinach i the ingredients. Next time I would use more tomato paste than specified.


and a touch of hot sauce…. YUUUMY

Mary T

I love when Chad lends his approval! : )


Word. That is a great recipe. You can half the recipe and make it in a loaf pan if molding meat freaks you out.

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